Tara Hyland - Daughters of Fortune

26 July 2011 - US publication of Book 2

It's two weeks until my second novel comes out in the US & Canada (on 9 August 2011), so I thought it was time to post a copy of the book jacket.  It's quite different from the cover of DAUGHTERS OF FORTUNE, because my editor wanted to get away from the teenage, glamorous look and give it more of an epic, grown up feel.  I wasn't entirely convinced at first, but the cover has definitely grown on me, and the colours are very striking and summery.  I also wanted to point out that my second book has two different titles - in the US & Canada it is called SINS OF THE MOTHER, and in the UK and the rest of the Commonwealth, it is FALLEN ANGELS.  The reason for this is that the book was originally called FALLEN ANGELS, but my American publisher felt there was too much angel-lit so they changed it to SINS OF THE MOTHER.  I'm a bit worried that the different titles and covers will confuse readers, who may end up buying both, so I'm trying to point this out as much as possible! 

26 July 2011 - US publication of Book 2 - image 0

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