Tara Hyland - Daughters of Fortune

23 November 2010

For all my US readers, I now have a (provisional!) publication date for Book 2 - it should be out June 2011.  I've also had a sneak peek at the American cover, and I'm really delighted with it.  It's got quite a different feel to the cover for Daughters of Fortune, so it took me a little while to get used to it.  But now I have, I'm really pleased. My US editor said that this time she wanted to go for a book jacket which had a warmer, more epic feel, and that's exactly what the designers have done.  I'll be show-casing it on my website once the final version has been agreed. 


The only thing that we still haven't decided on yet is a title.  It's amazing how it's easier to write 150,000 words of a story than a 2-3 word title. I've put forward a list of cringe-worthy titles, and I'm just waiting now to see what my editors think.  I'm hoping that my humble attempts will inspire them, if nothing else. 


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