Tara Hyland - Daughters of Fortune

20 May 2011 - First sales figures

Well, I had my first sales figures through yesterday, and thankfully my publishers seem pleased.  Over 2,500 copies of DAUGHTERS OF FORTUNE were sold in the first three days, putting me at No 3 in the Bookseller's Heatseekers chart (for all debuts and new titles not featured in the Top 50).  Hopefully this all bodes well for the first full week of sales, which I'll find out about next Tuesday/Wednesday.  

I was also lucky enough yesterday to see the jacket for the UK version of my second book, and I can tell you now it's absolutely GORGEOUS!!!  It's still a bit too early to post it up, but suffice to say, I think it's even better than the cover for DAUGHTERS OF FORTUNE!

Also, apologies to anyone who tried to visit the site yesterday morning and couldn't get on - the server was down between 7.30-13.30.


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