Tara Hyland - Daughters of Fortune

2 MAY 2010

Sorry for not writing lately. It's firstly because not much has been happening, and secondly I've been busy moving flat and have been left without a broadband connection. To catch you up, a few bits of news have been coming through on Daughters of Fortune - I made the top 50 of books sold in the UK, and I also had good reviews in Woman magazine and Image (Ireland's big glossy), as well as Library Journal and Romantic Times magazine in the US. I'm planning to compile a section of my favourite reviews at some point.


The other good news is that my editors really seem to love Book 2. I now have detailed comments through from my UK editors, so I'm just waiting for my US editor to get back to me now before having a go at a second draft of the new book. When I've got my broadband connection up and running on 11 May I'm planning to write a more detailed post on what the editing process involves, which should be interesting for any aspiring writers. Check back then!


Lastly, I want to say a really big thank you to everyone who has got in touch with me via this website. It's lovely to hear from people who have read and enjoyed my book, as well as potential readers and bloggers / book clubs, and other aspiring writers. I've heard from people in Australia and New Zealand, Germany and America, as well as the UK. So please continue to get in touch - it really makes my day, and I do always email back! 


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