Tara Hyland - Daughters of Fortune

12 October 2010

I now have a publication date for the UK paperback of Daughters of Fortune - it's 12 May 2011.  My publishers invited me to their offices last month to run through the marketing plans for the paperback - and it all sounds amazing!  There should be posters on the underground, and lots of promotions in shops.  There will also be a new cover!  I've only seen a rough draft so far, and it's always difficult to form an objective opinion, after loving the blue and gold harcover so much.  But I'm sure whatever they decide on will be fantastic. 


After the marketing presentation, six of us went out for lunch at Moro, a wonderful North African restaurant in Clerkenwell.  It was a wonderful day, and I felt very treated.  Although I have to confess, it is slightly weird talking about Daughters of Fortune still - I finished the book over two years ago now (and it will be three years by the time it's out in paperback next year!), so in my head I've moved on.  I'll probably have a first draft of my third book finished by the time the paperback finally comes out next May!


In terms of Book 2, I'm still waiting to hear publication dates (and to find a title for it!), but I'll post on here once I know details.


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