Tara Hyland - Daughters of Fortune

10 May 2011

There are just two days to go now until the publications of DAUGHTERS OF FORTUNE in paperback in the UK, and things are starting to hot up.  I received my advance copies in the post today, and they look absolutely wonderful. The hardback was quite big and bulky - my publishers wanted to tell the world that it was a "big" scope book - but the paperback is small and neat: perfect handbag size!  It also has a sneak preview of Book 2 at the back.

In terms of publicity and marketing, there are meant to be 100 posters up and around London Underground / train stations from tomorrow - although there was an early spot in Tottenham Court Road tube last Friday. Fingers crossed, there should be more reviews and interviews coming out, and I'll update on the website as soon as I know anything.  I have to confess, although I'm excited for the big publication day, I'm also very nervous.  It feels like judgement day - as nerve-racking as getting my A-level results again!


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